sharing these for the kiddos and learners out there. imperfect and written with love. email me if you can help make one of them…

Snakes in the Water

(completed / final draft) - 9 pages - a man and woman set out to skinny-dip at dawn.

No Symptoms (plain script)

(unproduced / working draft) - 24 pages - it’s about our invisible sickness. it’s about screens and surfaces. it’s about falseness. casting calls and glass conferences rooms of virtue signalers. it’s about my brief time as a successful commercial director and tinder-bottom feeder. it’s about hook-up culture and netflix. it’s about the never-ending scroll of numbing agents that has become modern life the young and cool city-dwellers. inspired by the ‘Deep Ocean’ episode of ‘Blue Planet' II’

No Symptoms (visual script)

bonus content! includes a mood teaser and early original music for the film (by Jeff Melanson). sharing for those interested in pitching their films.

Staring at the Sun

(unproduced / first draft) - 18 pages - inspired by the total solar eclipse in August 2017 and set in the wake of the Charlottesville protests. it’s about how we look at the same image and arrive at different conclusions. it’s about the day i knew one thing was ending and another was beginning. it’s about honest strangers and friends we lie to. it’s about nazi-hysteria and a time when we realized that maybe we can’t put this mess back together.